Casement Windows


Casement Windows not only will enhance the beauty of your home, but they will add comfort, providing the best possible energy efficiency levels. The Casement Window is the most popular because of its innovative design and vast range of custom sizes. Casement Windows can be used as an individual window, in combination, or assembled with architectural shaped windows.

awning style window


Awning very similar to the Casement Windows with clean contemporary lines, energy efficiency and attractive styling. These windows can be used on their own or in combination with other fixed windows including geometric and architectural shapes.



Double Hung Tilt allow the original design in your home to be preserved. Perfect addition to a new build construction. Combining modern design while recreating that timeless, classic charm into the design of your home.

Single Hung Tilt share the same traditional appearance and convenient modern features as the Double Hung Tilt Window. However, the bottom sash slides vertically and tilts in allowing for easy cleaning of the window from the inside, and offer the same constant force sash balance that allows for smooth, quiet operation. These windows can be banked together for larger openings or added to Fixed Picture Windows to create several unique and attractive options.



Single and Double Slider Tilt these windows are the most popular choice, because they provide high-energy efficiency, security, ease of operation and convenience. As well, they are easy to clean and consist of pleasing sight lines. Equipped with a patented locking, sliding shoe and secure pivot bar allows for ventilation and tilt-in safety for glass surface cleaning. These are the perfect windows in the event of an emergency and can be banked together for larger openings or added to Fixed Picture Windows to create a timeless traditional configuration.



Single and Double Slider Lift Out these horizontal sliding windows are very popular. They are loaded with high-energy efficiency, security, ease of operation and convenience for cleaning as well have pleasing sight lines. The sashes easily lift completely out of the frame, which is unique. Either use these sliders on their own, or add them to any of the Fixed Picture Windows for a different design.



bow and bay windows orangevilleBay and Bow Windows add a new dimension to the character and charm of your home. This style of window projects out beyond the exterior walls and are angled. This creates the illusion of a larger interior room and allows for wide expansive views, welcoming in the outdoors. Built with three sections, Bay Windows allow for a large center window and two smaller angled windows. Bow Windows offer a softer more curved appearance; this is created with four or five equal sized sections with the two ends operating.



architectural-shape-windowsArchitectural Shapes allow you to  create your own unique and distinct window designs. Custom window configurations that suit even the most complex of home designs. Sophisticated curves, ovals, circles, arches and any geometric shape imaginable.




Contact us to discuss the best window solution for your residential or commercial property.  We can advise on advantages of each style.